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New features are now available:

  • Improved Multitask Calculations Scheme
  • Correlation Coefficient for Antenna Diversity Analysis
  • Near Field Calculation in Grid
  • Iso-line and Iso-surface for Near Field Analysis
  • LF Magnetic Field Solver
  • Support of Dielectric Definition in LF Electric Field Solution
  • Support of IBIS for HSpice Calculations
  • Extension of Object/Model Ideology to Hybrid Analysis Types
  • Wrap Shields for Cables in Hybrid Analysis Type
  • Shielded Ribbon Cables in Hybrid Analysis Type
  • Outer Covering Support for Coaxial, Ribbon and Multi Cables
  • Eye Pattern fot SI Analysis
  • PCB Modeling in Complex Environment
  • Full Support of Windows 7 Operating System




EMCoS Antenna VirtualLab is powerful simulation software especially suited for antenna calculation s. A flexible and intuitive CAD interface gives you manifold possibilities to design in short time even very complex antennas. Effective simulation core based on the Method of Moments, optimized for sequential and parallel computations, delivers very accurate results.