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Harness Studio

Harness Studio is a browser for cable harness data, that brings together electrical and mechanical CAD-data into one program. It allows to navigate through very large cable harness data sets. Main aim of Harness Studio is being a tool that is very easy to use and allowing very flexible extraction of sub data sets. Selected data sets can be visualized and evaluated by manifold methods. Harness Studio is extremely flexible.

Harness Studio brings you into a new area of cable harness handling. Paper plans, never up to date, too large, and with limited information were yesterday. Today electronic data, as it can be processed with Harness Studio, can easily be maintained, configured to your special needs, and gives you more information than any paper plan can do.

Harness Studio includes different tool-sets for visualization and checking of harness data and allows comfortable data processing. Few mouse clicks are enough for Harness Studio to solve data visualization problems that usually are very time consuming and costly.

There are two versions of Harness Studio available that support different sets of features:

  • Harness Studio Basic
  • Harness Studio Advanced (with options)

Harness Studio Advanced enriches Harness Studio with powerful editing and analyzing functions. Harness Studio Advanced creates cable harness data sets. The program provides all functions to construct even complex and extended cable harnesses.