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Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Solution for Power Inverter Systems

  • Circuit modeling of IGBT module
  • Import and processing of power inverter 3D layout
  • Fast and accurate extraction of interconnect parasitics for PCB and packaging
  • Generation of equivalent circuit for precise analysis of disturbances in transient processes


Solution for Low Frequency Magnetic Field



  • Simulation of current distribution characteristics along a power cable bundle
  • Analysis of low frequency magnetic field shielding of automotive platform


Simulation of Vehicle Wireless Charging System


  • Optimization of wireless charging systems for more efficient and robust power transfer
  • Simulations of misalignment effect between on-vehicle capture coil and stationary source coil
  • Accomplishment of low- radiating power transfer to satisfy safety regulations


Modeling of Screened Cables in Hybrid Vehicle


  • Comprehensive analysis of shielding configurations performance for HV cables
  • Consideration of common-mode discontinuities on the vehicle chassis for full-vehicle analysis of emissions from automotive harness