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EMC Studio v8.0 offers new powerful geometry interface for CAD model import and pre-processing as well as enhanced tools for geometry meshing. New geometry handling solution makes generation of simulation model based on real design details more effective and flexible. Renewed approach to model construction makes it possible to keep track of all operations applied […]




New features are now available:

  • Advanced Model Definition Concept
  • Support of Multiple Calculation Tasks in One Project
  • New Materials and Components Library
  • Full Wave MoM Simulation of PCB with Voluminous Elements
  • Analysis of Near Electric and Magnetic Field Radiation
  • Consideration of Frequency Dependent Materials
  • Advanced CAD Tools for Easy Modes Assembly:
  • Body Construction Tools (Curves and Surfaces)
  • Special Snap Modes and Vector Definition Methods
  • Transformation Operations
    • Revolve, Sweep, Loft and Imprint Operations
    • Chamfering and Blending
    • Boolean Operations
    • Advanced Meshing Functions