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Human Exposure

Low Frequency Human Exposure Simulation Toolkit

EMCoS Studio introduces flexible and highly effective toolkit for fast and robust calculation of the Human Exposure at low frequencies from 0+ to 30 MHz (for example, wireless power transfer or high voltage systems in EV/HV vehicles).

  • MoM solution of low frequency magnetic fields interaction with thin 3D sheets characterized by combined resistive and magnetic properties simultaneously with complex 3D dielectric objects
  • Special calculation approaches for homogeneous and non-homogeneous body models
  • Import and visualization of human voxel-based models including internal anatomical structures
  • Various visualization modes and visibility options
  • Support of voxel model interactive transformations
  • Manipulation with voxel-based virtual skeleton (move and rotate skeleton bones considering interconnecting joints)
  • Automatic adjustment of voxel model cubes to skeleton pose
  • Flexible post processing tools for human exposure analysis for both homogeneous and non-homogeneous models. Visualization of 3D distribution and 2D slices for field, current and SAR values
  • ICNIRP based Human Exposure Analysis

Library of Voxel-Based Human Models

EMCoS Studio supports library of the voxel models with build-in voxel based human models. These models are available with different resolutions and virtual skeleton allowing model posing.

Efficient Models Posing Tools

Interactive manipulations allow to modify human model and get realistic poses required for specific applications (automotive, medical, etc.).

Poses of the voxel-based virtual skeleton composed of bones and their interconnecting joints can be easily modified by mouse actions. Skeleton manipulations are restricted by biologically possible scenarios. Fast and accurate voxel regeneration engine allows to update voxel cubes according to skeleton pose.