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EMCoS 10th Anniversary Users’ Meeting

EMCoS Users’ Meeting

10 years of commitment

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It is a great pride and pleasure to announce that we are celebrating our tenth year in business. The progress we have made through all of these years would not have been possible without dedication and loyalty of our employees. We hereby recognize significant role played by our customers and distributors worldwide and express our special thanks to them for being the part of our history.

Everything started ten years ago, as a small group of scientists of the Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics of the Tbilisi State University founded a small working team with a vision to put their knowledge and ideas into practice and create value for the future. Company has expanded since then. Through all of these years, internationally recognized scientists and creative software engineers working in EMCoS have been committed to generation of special methods and programs that are on the cutting edge of science and provide best solutions for most challenging engineering problems. The company constantly broadens software application area, advances simulation solutions and tailors innovations to ever-changing customer needs and industry relevant standards.

Today EMCoS is one of the leading EMC Software producers having sufficient market share and addressing customers from the industries as diverse as Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Telecommunications etc. The worldwide reputation we have gained through our software solutions and value-added services makes us a reliable partner for engineering teams that recognize the need for computer-based engineering simulation. We firmly believe that key to our success lies in the values that are embodied in the efforts of every single employee. These values are innovation, quality and consistency, all the factors that guaranteed the progress we have made through this decade.

Ten years is both a long time and a very short time. Compared to giant representatives of the same industry, our company is still adolescent. On the other hand, ten years in a sector that is constantly and rapidly advancing is an achievement we can be proud of. We have managed to establish ourselves in this sector and claimed our rightful place here.

EMCoS hereby acknowledges the responsibility to ensure the successful continuation of our business in the future. We are aware that the industry will present countless challenges to our teams but we are more than sure that we know how to best meet those challenges. We will approach these obstacles and opportunities with the same spirit we used to since the beginning and continue to enjoy the consistent progress on our way to the new heights.

The Users’ Meeting

The Users’ Meeting will be held to commemorate this milestone – 10th anniversary of EMCoS. We have a pleasure of inviting you to EMCoS Users’ meeting that will be held in Nuremberg, Germany at Sheraton Carlton Hotel on October 7, 2011.

The Users’ Meeting will be a unique meeting place where latest information on our products and services will be released. The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between EMCoS users and developers. This event will be an opportunity to meet the development teams, discuss and plan future collaboration initiatives, share ideas about contemporary topics and finally have a nice time socializing with other guests in a pleasant environment.

Become the part of this special occasion!

EMCoS is honored to be your host for this meeting.