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2011 IEEE EMC Symposium

EMCoS at IEEE EMC Symposium, 14.08.2011-19.08.2011

EMCoS will be exhibiting its products at 2011 IEEE EMC Symposium, thatВ will be held in Long Beach, CA.

The IEEE 2011 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility is a solely sponsored event by the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society (EMC-S). This will be the fourth year of this highly sought after program that brings together some of the top international educators in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility in one place.
In this highly popular symposium event, fundamental EMC modeling approaches and simulation methods are illustrated through a series of interactive computer demonstrations. Various computational electromagnetic (CEM) modeling techniques will be demonstrated, illustrating their application to simple canonical type problems in order to show how specific EMC problems can be solved.