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EMC Studio v8.1

EMC Studio v8.1 comes with many new features and includes significant enhancements to current functional capabilities. This new release includes extended tools for working with conformal antenna features, special post processing tools for deep analysis of smart entry systems, import of KBL harness data, and more. Also EMC Studio v8.1 introduces new Distributed Calculation Management System. Build-in Queue Manager communicates with calculation server and provides possibility to schedule user tasks and distribute them to different computational resources.

Selected Features:

  • Support of KBL harness data
  • Special approach for fast analysis of large scaled cable system in FD and TD
  • Simultaneous consideration of skin and proximity effects in cable system
  • Cylindrical scan
  • Conformal antenna construction from scratch
  • Fast solution of large scaled EM problems
  • Encryption of project data
  • Distributed calculation management system
  • Special tools for smart entry system analysis
  • Power density in 2D and 3D post processing
  • FFTWerk: virtual spectrum analyzer

Applications and Solver Features:


  • Coaxial port support
  • Inverse problem for near field source reconstruction
  • Node and join source/load/port


  • Dielectrics consideration in 2D cross-section
  • LFMF as fullwave solver
  • Hybridization of MTL with time domain fullwave solver
  • Extension of supported circuit solvers (Eldo, SIMetrix)