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EMCoS PCB VLab v2.0

What’s New in EMCoS PCB VLab v2.0

New MTL Based Solution for Signal Integrity Analysis

EMCoS PCB VLab v2.0 provides new solver that performs post-layout Signal Integrity analysis and estimation of Radiated Emission. Consideration of parasitic parameters of PCB layout is critical for correct analysis of signal transmission.

Signal Integrity analysis is based on equivalent circuits supplemented with additional MTL subcircuits representing conductive paths on PCB. With voltage and current distribution plots on different terminals and eye diagramming EMCoS PCB VLab provides easy to use tool for estimation of actual PCB performance.


New Hybrid MTL-MoM Based Solution for Radiation Analysis

New Radiation Analysis mode in EMCoS PCB VLab v2.0 uses hybrid MTL-MoM approach for estimation of radiated fields. After layout extraction and circuit simulation, initial PCB layout is converted to simulation model compatible with MoM tool. Fullwave simulation provides accurate estimation of radiated emissions from PCB.

Advanced post-processing includes analysis of EM fields in field probes, near field grids and 3D visualization of radiated fields.


Import of Components from ODB++ Databases

New version of EMCoS PCB VLab supports import of components from ODB++ databases. All imported components with corresponding part names are listed in Layers Panel in Layer Elements section. Direct access to net components from Viewer 3D are also provided.


S-Parameters Extraction

EMCoS PCB VLab v2.0 supports direct extraction of scattering parameters (S-parameters) on PCB nets. This analysis mode can provide a valuable information about characteristics of PCB interconnects.


New Features in Objects Handling

  • Boolean Operations (Union, Intersect, Subtract)
  • Multiple Cut Planes with Arbitrary Rotation Angles
  • Searching for PCB and Model Objects by Name
  • Units Support