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  • Dual Polarized Dipole Array Antenna


    Many applications require dual-polarized operating antennas including wireless communication, broadband stations and cell towers. Dual polarized antennas excite two orthogonal modes, which generate the vertically and the horizontally polarized electric field.
    This application demonstrates simulation of GSM dual polarized antenna at 1.9 GHz.

    Simulation Model Description

    GSM Antenna Simulation Model Description

    Simulation model of GSM dual polarized antenna contains 10,316 triangles. All parts of the antenna are symmetrical. Antenna is represented as 4-port network as shown below:

    However according to symmetries of geometry following simplifications can be considered:

    GSM Antenna Model Dimensions

    Measurement Setup

    Measurements were performed in EMCoS laboratory.

    GSM Antenna Measurement Setup


    Measured and simulated reflection coefficients and coupling levels between antenna ports are shown below:

    Reflection Coefficient of GSM Antenna Port

    Transmission Coefficient of GSM Antenna Port

    For proper antenna functionality dipoles are fed simultaneously from single source. Simulated radiation patterns of antenna in individual and single feeding models are presented below:

    2D Pattern of GSM Antenna (1.9 GHz)

    3D Pattern of GSM Antenna (1.9 GHZ)


    According to performed investigation the main conclusions are:

    • GSM dual polarized antenna simulations can be effectively done in EMC Studio and EMCoS Antenna VLab environment
    • In case of single feeding antenna array is dual polarized
    • Simulated characteristics of GSM dual polarized antenna are in good agreement with measurements results