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  • Investigation of TWP with Losses

    Problem Definition

    Aim of this application note is to show how dielectric losses influence on simulation results and comparison with measurements.

    TWP having lossy dielectric covering and cable length about 4.325 m is investigated. The insulation of the cable with following parameters is considered: tanґ=0.04 and µr=3.8.


    Measurement setup for investigation of long (4.325 m) TWP cable


    Active and passive terminations (left and middle); cable corner fixing (right)

    Crosstalk between wires is measured in EMCoS measurement laboratory. Simulation model is represented in the figure below.


    Simulation model for investigation of TWP cable

    Numerical ResultsВ 

    Simulation is performed using tanґ=0.04 and µr=3.8. Comparison of simulation result with measurement is shown in the following figures.


    Input impedance vs. frequency

    В InvestigationofTWPwithLosses_5

    S11 parameter vs. frequency


    • The investigation of cable bundles with lossy insulation materials are available within EMC Studio Hybrid Analysis Type
    • The consideration of dielectric losses in simulation improves agreement with measurement results