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  • Magellan Spacecraft Simulation


    This application demonstrates combination of MoM and physical optics approach (PO) on simulations of electrically large problems. Magellan spacecraft is fed by horn pattern at frequency 3 GHz. Simulations are performed using PO solution.

    Simulation Workflow

    • At the first step, far field pattern of a horn antenna is accurately modeled with MoM
    • On the second step, far field pattern of the horn antenna is used as a specialized incident field source, and calculation of the currents on spacecraft geometry is done using PO approach
    • On the third step, spacecraft is calculated and analyzed

    Magellan Spacecraft Simulation Model

    Magellan Spacecraft Geometry

    • Number of triangles 63,793
    • Magellan spacecraft length is 35.2 m
    • Magellan spacecraft width is 15 m

    Magellan Spacecraft Dimensions

    Design of Horn Antenna

    The optimum parameters of the horn antenna for parabolic reflector were chosen. These parameters depend on ratio of parabolic reflector focus to diameter, which is 0.93.

    Horn Antenna Design

    Computational Model of Horn Antenna

    Horn Antenna Far Field 2D and 3D Pattern

    Frequency Characteristics of Horn Antenna


    Current distribution on Magellan spacecraft is shown below for 3 GHz frequency;

    Magellan Spacecraft - Current Distribution 3 GHz


    • F.G. Bogdanov, R.G. Jobava, D.D. Karkashadze, I.S. Oganezova SATELLITE ANTENNA SIMULATIONS USING COMBINATION OF INTEGRAL EQUATIONS AND PHYSICAL OPTICS APPROACHES (International Scientific Conference ‘Advanced Lightweight Structures and Reflector Antennas’)