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2D Post Processing

EMCoS SimDAT provides convenient interface for viewing and editing of 2D post processing results. 2D Plots Viewer gives fast access to all plot objects and allows editing of all appearance settings. Customized 2D plots can be directly printed or exported to various graphical file formats.

2D Post Processing Tools

  • Current, Voltage and Charge
  • Calculation Errors
  • Eye Pattern for SI analysis
  • Near Fields (E, D, H, B)
  • Power Density
  • Far Fields
  • Antenna Parameters
    • Current
    • Voltage
    • Impedance
    • Admittance
    • Power
    • VSWR
    • S11
    • Power Balance
  • Antenna Correlation Coefficient
  • N Port Parameters
  • Processing of Touchstone *.SnP files
  • S21
  • Stohasticity Map
  • RLC Matrices analysis tool
  • RLC Circuits Viewer
  • Cylindrical Scan
  • Radar Cross Section
  • Graphical and tabular view of the results
  • Visualization of different components (magn., phase, imag. or real)
  • Export of results to DAT and CSV files
  • Convenient handling of plot units
  • Linear and logarithmic axes scaling

2D Plots Viewer and Editor

  • Linear and polar plot types
  • Smith charts
  • Spectrograms for Stochasticity results
  • Navigation and exploration tools
  • Controlling of plot appearance settings
  • Importing/exporting of 2D plot data
  • Data point markers
  • Horizontal and vertical markers
  • Cross line markers
  • Differential markers
  • Direct export to graphical file formats (BMP, PNG, JPEG, PDF, EMF)
  • Printing functions
  • Coping to clipboard
  • Handling of resolution settings