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What’s New in Harness Studio v4.6

Harness Studio v4.6 includes extensions of current functionality, improved program modules and fixes.
New build-in Expert System functions give possibility to get access to almost all parameters of any harness object and provide automatic harness healing.

New Features:

  • Support of regional language specific characters
  • Recover mode for KBL files with incorrect encoding
  • Split Segment and Set Coupler functionality is supported for user defined location along the segment
  • Split Segment and Set Coupler functionality for ‘circular’ harnesses
  • Import harness routing from NASTRAN file
  • Visualization of Net Classes in 3D and Schematic Browsers
  • Selection of continuously connected segments
  • New built-in CLIPS functions for advanced handling of object parameters
  • Support of latest CLIPS version 6.3

Extensions and Improvements:

  • Extension of Color Abbreviations list
  • Consideration of all harness elements and mass information from KBL data for Harness Weight reporting
  • Auto labels with extended parameters list
  • Consideration of segments data in harness comparison process
  • Improved calculation of segment area for special wires
  • GUI improvements