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What’s New in Harness Studio v4.7

EMCoS announces significant update of Harness Studio software package that brings cables harness handling process to the completely new level.

The new harness engine now gives possibility to work not only with KBL harness data but also with 3D mechanical harness data available in CATIA V5 format and provides special procedure to merge it with the corresponding 2D electrical data.

Import of Harness 3D Mechanical Data (CATIA V5):

New version of Harness Studio provides import of harness mechanical data presented in CATIA V5 file format.

Support of Special CAD Viewer:

Special CAD Viewer provides possibility to visualize harness objects available in CATIA V5 file format (*.CATProduct files). The harness objects are visualized as a 3D geometry including their original dimensions and the structure.

CAD Viewer supports visualization and provides access to the following harness objects: connectors, fixings, segments and nodes. Additionally, CAD Viewer supports the visualization of standard harnesses imported from a KBL file format as well as a mesh.

Import of Harness 2D Electrical Data from Wire Table:

2D electrical harness data information can be imported into the new version of the program from the introduced Wire Table stored in MS Excel file, which contains the data columns for each cable parameter.

Merging Electrical and Mechanical Harness Data:

Once the 3D mechanical and 2D electrical harness data is loaded into Harness Studio, they can be merged into a complete harness database (KBL).