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Materials, Cables, Shields, Voxel-based Models, Circuit Elements, Device Templates, Filter and Model Assemblies Libraries

EMCoS Studio provides powerful libraries for flexible storage and manipulation of materials, cable and shield parts, etc.

  • Materials (Conductors, Dielectrics and Body Tissues) Library
  • Cables and Shields Libraries
  • Circuit Elements Library
  • Schematic Device Templates Library
  • Voxel-Based (Human Bodies) Models Library
  • Filter Components Library
  • Model Assemblies Library

The main features of the program libraries are the following:

  • Wide range of ready-to-use library objects
  • Convenient definition of conductor, dielectric, and body tissue materials
  • Solid, braided, datasheet and layered shields definition
  • Single, twisted pair, coaxial, ribbon, non conducting fiber, complex shielded and unshielded cable parts definition
  • Definition of parameters with constant and frequency dependent values
  • Importing and exporting of library content
  • Importing and exporting of frequency dependent data with mapping features
  • Copying of libraries between the projects
  • Various sorting, searching and filtering options
  • Direct link to libraries for easy definition of model parameters