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What’s New in Harness Studio v4.5

E42 Data Import Support

New version of Harness Studio provides possibility to fill harness object parameters automatically based on special part master databases from E42 data files. E42 data import is supported for the following harness objects: wires, special wires, connectors, accessories,assemblies, fixings, components, wire protections, cavity terminals, cavity seals and cavity plugs.
All releated functionality is extended by E42 data.

E42 Data Parameters:

  • E42 Part Company Name
  • E42 Part Creation Date
  • E42 Part Version
  • E42 Primary Part Type
  • E42 Part Usage
  • E42 Part Descriptions
  • E42 Part Custom Properties
  • E42 Document Number
  • E42 Document Type
  • E42 Document Version
  • E42 Document Creating System
  • E42 Harness Objects Specifications
  • E42 Connector Slots Cavities Parameters
  • E42 Terminal Receptions

Extension of KBL Data Import

Harness Studio v.4.5 allows to import extended KBL data. The following additional parameters for connectors are supported:

  • additional_comment_connector
  • connected_connector
  • eqt validity

All connectors related functionality is extended with these parameters.

New Ruler Tool in 3D Browser

Harness Studio v.4.5 provides new 3D Ruler tool for convenient distance calculationbetween harness objects (nodes, connectors, fixings, terminals and accessories) in 3DBrowser.

New Detect and Cure Functions in CLIPS Engine

Harness Studio v.4.5 provides new integrated detect and cure functions in CLIPS engine. These functions detect wires, cores, special wires or cables with Rout < Rin and change outside radiuses:

  • detect_wires_with_incorrect_outside_diameter
  • detect_and_cure_wires_with_incorrect_outside_diameter
  • detect_cores_with_incorrect_outside_diameter
  • detect_and_cure_cores_with_incorrect_outside_diameter
  • detect_special_wires_with_incorrect_outside_diameter_of_cores
  • detect_and_cure_special_wires_with_incorrect_outside_diameter_of_cores
  • detect_cables_with_incorrect_outside_diameter
  • detect_and_cure_cables_with_incorrect_outside_diameter