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EMCoS Studio 2018.1

Major Highlights

  • New Features in 3D PEEC Solution
  • Improved Processing of ODB++ Data
  • Enhanced Hybrid MoM/MTL Solution
  • Fast Assembling of System Diagram Based on Library Devices
  • MoM-based Solution for Coaxial Ports
  • Scripting Language Support in EMCoS SimDAT
  • Other Improvements

New Features in 3D PEEC Solution

In this new version we have supported extended functionality for automatic partitioning and construction of 3D PEEC models for power electronics applications.

  • Pi-scheme support in 3D PEEC solver
  • Automatic partitioning of 3D PEEC model
  • Manual controlling of automatic partition step
  • New Direct Imprint operation for fast geometry partitioning
  • Direct access to construction snap modes from toolbars/menus
  • Automatic generation of pins and branches
  • Generation of output pins based on PCB footprints
  • Pins dragging and moving to nearest/selected geometry
  • Manual handling of reference objects

Enhanced Hybrid MoM/MTL Solution

  • Improved Hybrid MoM/MTL solver supports lossy ground feature based on Sunde, Rachidi, Nucci and Lanoz theories
  • Support of radiation losses for cables
  • FEM support in RLCG 2D solver for calculation of LC coefficients in case of complex multi cables with multi dielectrics filling

Schematic Device Templates Library

New program version provides convenient way for fast assembling of the system level designs based on library devices.

The improved Device Templates Library allows to collect and store internal circuits of the schematic devices (like LISNs, motors, inverters, batteries, filters and etc.).

Import/export of library templates provides flexible data exchange possibilities.

MoM-based Solution for Coaxial Ports

MoM-based solution of coaxial port problem for composite structures applied to microwave antenna and PCB geometries is now supported in TriD solver.

Scripting Language Support in EMCoS SimDAT

  • New scripting language for automated data processing
  • Math-oriented syntax language
  • Linear algebra operations on vectors and matrices
  • Built-in plotting tool commands
  • Direct access to plot data and plot handling commands
  • Fully integrated in EMCoS SimDAT

Other Improvements

  • Automatic generation of dual in-line package (DIP) symbol in Circuit Elements Library
  • Far field pattern 2D distribution in EMCoS SimDAT
  • Undo/Redo commands and History list in EMCoS SimDAT 2D Plot Editor
  • Interactive construction and modification of curves and data markers in EMCoS SimDAT 2D Plot Editor
  • Export markers data from EMCoS SimDAT 2D Plot Editor
  • New near field data averaging tools in EMCoS SimDAT
  • Manual and adaptive healing accuracy settings in ReMesh
  • Usability improvements in other ReMesh tools