Computer Simulation Software

LFEF and LFMF Solvers

Low Frequency Electric Field (LFEF) Solver

Quasi-electrostatic LFEF solver calculates the LC-coupling matrices of arbitrary conductive structures with or without a dielectric coating.

Low Frequency Electric Field (LFMF) Solver

The main purpose of quasi-magnetostatic LFMF solver is a solution of low frequency magnetic field problems for thin 3D sheets, wire segments and bulk objects (i.e. ferrites), characterized by both electric and magnetic material parameters. LFMF uses Mitzner’s boundary conditions, written for tangential electric and magnetic fields for thin sheets. Voluminous objects are solved as magneto-dielectric objects with equivalent surface currents. For wire segments, electric field integral equation is used. Resulting equations are solved with Method of Moments.

Automotive and industrial magnetic shielding problems can be effectively solved in frequency range from DC up to several MHz.