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3D Post Processing

Comfortable 3D post processing tools allow to extract, analyse and visualize results in fast and flexible ways. Various post processing functions are provided.

Current, Charge and Calculation Errors Distribution

  • Current and charge distribution on wires and triangles
  • Calculation error distribution on triangles (By Center or By Gauss, Absolute or Relative, E or H Field)
  • Current distribution arrows representation
  • Advanced visualization settings (arrows length and size handling, fix arrow size)

Near Field and Power Density Distribution

  • E, D, H, B Fields and Power Density (Total, Incident, or Scattered) visualization
  • Near Field distribution on near field areas
  • Near Field distribution on near field grid 2D planes
  • Near field visualization on 2D planes as contour lines
  • Color, arrow and bi-color representation modes for 2D planes
  • Arrow and iso-surface representation for complete 3D grid

Far Field 3D Pattern and Radar Cross Section

Visualization of monostatic radar cross-section (RCS) of the model excited by a linear polarized wave from different directions specified by spherical angles θ, φ and polarization angle η.

Cylindrical Scan Distribution

3D distribution of E and H fields (vertical and horizontal components) for Direct and Optimized solutions on cylindrical scan surface.

Smart Entry System Analysis Tools

  • Analysis of smart key antenna operating spatial range
  • Results composition tool
  • Variation of antenna source parameters