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Hybrid MoM/MTL Solver for Cables Simulation

The main purpose of HybridMTL is a solution of different types of problems, such as circuit calculation, cross-talk problems for arbitrary cable bundles, EM interaction of cable bundles with passive or active surrounding 3D structures. In HybridMTL combination of LCTL approach with fullwave solver TriD based on Method of Moments is implemented in order to take into account interaction of transmission line with external metal-dielectric environment. This method shows excellent efficiency for large cable harnesses, compared to standard LCTL approach and allows considering all properties of harness (losses, non-uniformity, shielding etc.).

  • Consideration of stochastic placement of cables in bundle
  • Consideration of skin effect and dielectric loss in cables
  • Simultaneous consideration of skin and proximity effects
  • Common mode current option in radiation problems
  • Transfer impedance and admittance calculation for shielded cables radiation problems
  • Special approach for fast analysis of large scaled cable system in FD and TD