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Calculation Techniques

Calculation Techniques

  • Fast Direct Solution (FDS) accelerated MoM solver
  • Fast Iterative Solution (FIS) based on ACA compression technique and iterative solver
  • Green function method for simulation of metallic structures printed on dielectric substrates
  • Adaptive Frequency Sampling (AFS) for effective calculations in FD
  • Fast Field calculation algorithm
  • Matrix Partitioning and Multi Excitation options for extremely fast and accurate optimization calculations
  • S, Z, Y matrix calculations for multiport systems
  • Physical Optics (PO) method for very high frequencies
  • Analysis of mixed electromagnetic and circuit problems
  • Recalculate and continue options
  • Out-of-core solution for large problems

Parallel Calculations

  • Frequency distribution
  • Parallel cores for fullwave EM and Hybrid MoM/MTL calculations
  • Optimized calculations for small problems