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Coupling from a Cable to Antenna

Model Description

This example considers coupling between cable and roof antenna. Cables paremeters are the following: core radius – 0.0003 m, insulation thickness – 0.0003 m, conductivity values – 5.76e 007 S/m, insulation material permittivity value – 2.3. Frequency range is 1 – 150 MHz.


Solution is obtained in Radiation Hybrid Analysis Type. Radiation Hybrid Analysis Type is intended for emission analysis of linear and non-linear complex cable-antenna coupling problems in frequency and time domain.

Radiation Hybrid approach in EMC Studio is based on the following scheme:

  • Calculation of LC matrices of cables using Static2D solver


  • Creation of MTL model in Spice based on lumped T-elements for all cables-segments plus schematics for devices
  • Calculation of MTL circuit with Spice and determination of current distribution along wires
  • Conversion of MTL currents to impressed current sources for the full-wave 3D MoM solution of problem including 3D mesh
  • Calculation of 3D problem with full-wave solver TriD

Simulation Results

Voltage in Antenna Port