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Trapezoidal Tooth Log-periodic Antenna

Model Description

This example considers trapezoidal tooth log periodic antenna. On each arm, antenna has 22 teeth, alternating from side to side of the constant-width feed line. Frequency range: 300 MHz – 800 MHz. Solution is obtained by Method of Moments (MoM) in EM Analysis Type.

Top View


Side View


The geometric ratio and the tooth-width ratio are selected as  = 0.95 and  = 0.98, where  is the distance between the source location and the nth tooth, while  is the width of the n-th tooth. The angle  is 15. So that the arms expand from the source location with an angle of 30 and the teeth are attached to the center strips with constant widths. For this no planar design, the angle between the two arms is 45.

Simulation Results

Current Distribution (550 MHz)


3D Far Field Pattern (550 MHz)